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The Yid: A Novel

by Paul Goldberg,
The Jerusalem Post, February 12, 2016

Paul Goldberg’s debut novel brings together a ragtag group of Russian Jews ready to exact imagined revenge. Paul Goldberg’s debut novel – set in the post-World War II Soviet Union – is seriously funny, absurd and violent. The Yid: A Novel is based on speculation that, in 1953, Josef Stalin was planning a definitive resolution of Russia’s Jewish Question: A pogrom that would “forever rid the Motherland of 2.2. million Jewish vermin.” In January of that year, dozens of Soviet doctors – virtually all of them Jewish – were arrested and charged with killing leading political and military figures in the Soviet Union as part of a plot hatched by intelligence agencies in the United States and Great Britain. It seems the mass deportation and murder was abandoned when Stalin died, suddenly and mysteriously, on March 1, 1953.


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