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Button Man: A Novel

Button Man:  A Novel

by Andrew Gross,
The Jerusalem Post, January 4, 2019

Morris Rabishevsky, the protagonist of Button Man, Andrew Gross’s new novel, is a fighter who came up the hard way. Early in the 20th century, after his father died, Morris dropped out of school and apprenticed himself at age 12 to a garment manufacturer on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. He mastered every aspect of the factory’s operation. At 23, Morris opened a business with his brother Sol as his partner. On his first sales call, he threw fur coats over a partition to get the buyer’s attention. Morris chased after – and married – Ruthie, a beautiful, well-educated young woman from an affluent family. And in the 1930s, he refused to knuckle under to corrupt unions, gangster Louis “Lepke” Buchalter, and Murder, Incorporated.


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