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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Sustainability-related courses

Cornell's Adult University

Adult and youth programs--travel around the world or have an education vacation on the beautiful Cornell campus--led by some of our most distinguished faculty!

Baja: An Ecologist's ExplorationLatin America

Summer College for High School Students

Offers talented high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors the opportunity to experience the excitement of college life, take university courses, work with renowned faculty, earn college credit, explore majors and careers, and make friends from around the world.

Animal Science: Sustainable Animal HusbandryIthaca
Creating Green Cities and Sustainable Futures
International Human Rights in Theory and Practice
Social Entrepreneurship: Transforming Lives, Resolving ProblemsIthaca
Veterinary Medicine: Conservation MedicineIthaca

Summer Session

Study with renowned faculty, earn credits, gain valuable skills, and complete requirements--on campus, online, or around the world.

AEM 1500 An Introduction to the Economics of Environmental and Natural ResourcesIthaca
AEM 2350 Introduction To The Economics Of DevelopmentIthaca
AEM 3380: Social Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Problem Solvers
ANSC 1120: Sustainable Animal Husbandry
BIOSM 1500: Investigative Marine Biology Laboratory
BIOSM 1610: Ecology and Marine Environment
BIOSM 1620: Marine Environmental Science
BIOSM 1640: Introduction to the Biology of Sharks, Skates, & Rays
BIOSM 1650: Introduction to Marine Mammal Biology
BIOSM 1780: Evolution and Marine Diversity
BIOSM 2300: Examining Marine Climate Change
BIOSM 2500: Coastal Habitat Field Res Methods
BIOSM 2770 Introduction to Marine Conservation BiologyU.S. (east)
BIOSM 2800: Sustainable Fisheries
BIOSM 3210: Anatomy and Function of Marine VertebratesU.S. (east)
BIOSM 3330: Marine Parasitology and Disease
BIOSM 3500: Science Communication in Coastal and Marine Environments: Digital Platforms & Public Engagement
BIOSM 3650: Underwater Research
BIOSM 4450: Forensic Science Wildlife
COGST 1111: Making a Difference by Design
COGST 1500: Introduction to Environmental Psychology
DEA 1110: Making a Difference by Design
DEA 1500: Introduction to Environmental Psychology
DSOC 3400 Agriculture, Food, Sustainability and Social Justiceonline
EAS 1108: Earth in the News
HE 4080: Practicing Medicine Health Care Culture and Careers
MAE 3240: Heat Transfer
Marine Science - Shoals Marine LaboratoryU.S. (east)
NS 1150: Nutrition, Health, and Societyonline
NTRES 2470: Green Cities: Creating the Living City
PADM 1570: Corporate Sustainability
PADM 1734: Disasters
PAM 3620: Population Controversies in Europe
PLBIO 2400: Green World/Blue Planetonline
PSYCH 1500: Introduction to Environmental Psychology
SPAN 2097: Monologue:Being in the World
STS 2871: Evolution
VETCS 1200: Conservation Medicine: A Veterinary Perspective

Winter Session

Earn up to four credits in just three weeks--either on campus or online, reduce your course load, benefit from small classes, and immerse yourself in a subject. You can also work closely with your professor and receive more individualized attention.

ANTHR 1300: Human Evolution: Genes, Behavior, and the Fossil Record
HIST 2007 Global Capitalism in One Community
NS 1150: Nutrition, Health, and Society
PLBIO 2400: Green World/Blue Planet
PLSCI 3090: Experiential Writing in the Yucatan: Environmental and Cultural Communication

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