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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Cornell-UPR Interuniversity Relief Program

Accepted students

Welcome to the Cornell!

We're delighted that you'll be joining us this spring. To get ready, please complete the steps on the to-do list below.

Also, view orientation events.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Complete as soon as possible:

SCE enrollment form

If you haven't already done so, complete an SCE enrollment form. Please leave the Cornell ID and Social Security fields of this form blank and skip Section 3: Course Enrollment.

Please submit this form as soon as possible to the Registrar, Eric Lavin, at AND to

Activate your Cornell NetID and e-mail address

After we receive your SCE enrollment form, Cornell Information Technologies (CIT) will e-mail you instructions on how to activate your NetID. Please follow the steps included in the message.

Your Cornell NetID is your key to secure online services at Cornell. You are expected to activate your NetID and Cornell e-mail account immediately upon receipt.

Your NetID must be activated before you can submit forms, receive your Cornell ID cards, and obtain other important services.

Health insurance and immunization requirements

1. As a student, you are required to either:

  • Enroll in Cornell's Student Health Plan (SHP) or
  • Ensure that you hold alternative health insurance that meets Cornell's requirements. In this case, if you choose to waive SHP coverage, you will be assessed the Student Health Fee.

For information about SHP, the Student Health Fee, and applying for insurance and fee waivers, contact Jo Ann Molnar-Kieffer at Cornell Health as soon as possible at or 607.255.6363.

2. You must also submit Cornell's Health History Form

All students taking six or more credits must complete Cornell’s Health History Form and provide proof of the required vaccines.

Please visit the Health History Form page now and read all instructions carefully.
Note: Your NetID is required to access this form. If you do not have your NetID and/or cannot complete the online form, you may meet with a Requirements Representative at Cornell Health when you arrive on campus. The representative will help you complete your form and meet immunization requirements.

If you have proof of your vaccine history, you may submit that with your form instead of having your health care provider complete that portion of the form. If you choose to have your health care provider complete that portion of the form, the provider must also sign part five of the printed PDF in ink.

If you do not have proof of the required vaccines, you can meet with a Requirements Representative at Cornell Health and receive the mandatory vaccines as soon as you arrive on campus.
(The cost of immunizations is covered by Cornell’s SHP but not by the Student Health Fee.)

For any questions regarding the Health History Form or immunization compliance, contact Louanne Ferri at Cornell Health at or 607.255.4364.

Housing and dining

Housing assignments have been offered. Once you receive your housing assignment, you will be assigned a meal plan. No action is required to sign up for a meal plan.

You may move in any time after 8 a.m. on Thursday, January 18. Please contact Kristen M. E. Loparco for questions pertaining to arrival to campus.

(Note: If you are accompanied by a family member or friend, please be aware that accommodations are not provided on campus for guests. Please see Visit Ithaca for more information regarding lodging in the Ithaca area.)

Kristen M. E. Loparco
Associate Director, Office of Residential and Event Services
Cornell University
206 Robert Purcell Community Center, Ithaca, NY 14853
(607) 255-9765

Submit your Cornell student ID card request form

You are required to submit a photo online for your student ID card. Your ID card can be used as an electronic door key and to access a variety of facilities on campus, including, dining, laundry, fitness centers, and libraries.

Please visit the Student ID Card Request page now (NetID required).

A note about classes

Your courses will appear on your Student Center (accessible with your NetID) in January. Please be patient as we work to register all students in their classes.

We know you need confirmation of your enrolled courses for your UPR student status. We do not provide a paper copy of your enrollments; however, once you are enrolled in at least 12 Cornell credits, you may print out your Student Center page and bring that to the appropriate office at your UPR campus.

For more information, contact the Cornell SCE registrar, Eric Lavin, at

Traveling to Cornell, arrival dates, and what to bring:

Traveling to Cornell

By air:

You may wish to choose a flight that arrives in Newark (EWR), Detroit (DTW), or Philadelphia (PHL) airports, all of which have connecting flights directly to Ithaca.

The Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport is a 10-minute drive from campus. Taxis are available at the Ithaca airport to bring students to campus. Cab companies include

  • Ithaca Dispatch (607.277.2227),
  • University (607.277.7777), and
  • Cayuga Taxi (607.277.8294).

Other options include Syracuse Hancock International Airport, which is approximately sixty miles north of Ithaca. If flying into Syracuse, you’ll need to call Ithaca Airline Limousine (855.349.0084) two days in advance to schedule a pick up.

If you fly into JFK Airport in New York City, you will need to arrange ground transportation to the Cornell campus in Ithaca, which is approximately 250 miles northwest of JFK. (See bus information below.)

By bus:

The bus terminal, in downtown Ithaca, is served by Coach USA Shortline (607.277.8800 or 800.631.8405) and Greyhound (607.272.7930 or 800.231.2222). Coach USA Shortline will pick-up and drop-off on campus and the downtown terminal.

If you plan to take the bus up from the New York City area, check out the Campus-to-Campus (C2C) and the Big Red Bullet express bus services.

The taxi companies listed above are available at the bus station to bring students to campus.

By car:

For driving directions to the Ithaca campus, see the university's Maps page.

For additional information:

Including directions to Cornell, campus maps, and information about living in Ithaca:

Arrival dates

You are expected to arrive on campus by Sunday, January 21 at the latest. You may find it helpful to arrive, if possible, on or before Saturday, January 20.

We have planned a special welcome for UPR students beginning at 6 p.m. on Sunday, January 21, in Clark Atrium (see Orientation page), and we want to make sure you get to Ithaca campus and settled into your room before then. In addition, the sun sets before 5 p.m. in January, and travel delays due to weather are common, so it may be helpful to arrive early.

You are welcome to check in any time after 8 a.m. on Thursday, January 18.

What to bring to campus

Note: You will find a bedding packet (linens, blanket, pillow, towels) in your room when you arrive on campus.

In addition, the LSSO office recommends that you buy winter clothes in the U.S., rather than in Puerto Rico. A shopping trip to the mall may be arranged once you arrive.

Below are some items you may wish to bring to campus:

  • computer (and charger)
  • cell phone (and charger) or prepaid phone card
  • ATM card (This is the easiest way to get money. Unfortunately, the banks on the Cornell campus do not cash money orders, traveler's checks, or personal checks.)
  • extra towel
  • comfortable shoes suitable for rain, ice, and snow
  • clothes hangers
  • clothes suitable for cold and wet weather
  • a laundry basket and laundry soap
  • shampoo, soap, and other personal supplies
  • earplugs
  • power strips
  • flashlight

Make plans if you anticipate arriving in Ithaca before January 18

If you plan to arrive in Ithaca before January 18, you must arrange your own housing and meals. For a list of on-campus dining facilities open during January, call 607.255.5368 or visit the Dining website at

You can find information about local hotels, restaurants, shopping, and much more at

Complete before coming to Cornell:

Familiarize yourself with Cornell's academic policies

As a registrant, you are expected to be familiar with Cornell policies. Please carefully review our policy page, including

  1. The Campus Code of Conduct
  2. Essential Guide to Academic Integrity at Cornell
  3. Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Education (SHARE) website

Student Disability Services (SDS)

Cornell University is committed to ensuring that students with disabilities (including physical, medical, visual, hearing, learning, ADHD, and psychological disabilities) have equal access to all university programs and activities.

If you are a student with a disability and need an accommodation for equal access, please contact Student Disability Services (SDS), Cornell Health, Level 5, 110 Ho Plaza, Ithaca, New York 14853-3102 (telephone 607.254.4545; Deaf/HoH: via 711 Relay).

Some accommodations, such as sign language interpreters, take advance notice to arrange, so please contact SDS as soon as possible.



NetPrint is a printing service offered by Cornell Information Technologies. It's a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to print. If you wish to set up an optional account, visit the NetPrint site for information.

Bursar accounts

Familiarize yourself with bursar accounts.

Cornell creates “bursar accounts” for students in case they incur charges from Cornell departments such as Cornell Health, the libraries, and Cornell Information Technologies (CIT). If you incur these charges, you will receive a bursar bill. Bursar bills are ONLY sent electronically. Bursar accounts will also be used for any additional residential charges such as early arrival/late departure costs or billing for damages to residence hall rooms or common areas. Students with room damage will get an additional e-mail with information on the damage and instructions on how to appeal.

Notifications of bursar charges are sent to your Cornell e-mail address. The e-mail will contain a link to the University Bursar's office through which you can obtain instructions about how to view and pay these charges. Be sure to pay any charges by their due date to avoid late-payment penalties.

Grades and transcripts

Review our Grades and transcript information page.

After May 23, you must submit a request to the Office of the University Registrar to have your official Cornell transcript sent to your home UPR institution.

Changes in registration

Contact your academic advisor if you need to make a change in your registration, such as adding or dropping a course; changing from a letter grade to S-U option or vice versa; or changing the number of credits. Changes must be made by the deadlines outlined on the Spring 2018 academic calendar.

Academic advising

Contact your academic advisor if you need any academic support services.

For students enrolled in writing courses, there is a walk-in tutorial service for individualized help.

Prepare for classes

Check your course syllabus or contact the Cornell Store for information about required textbooks. The store has new and used textbooks available for purchase or rental at the Cornell Store textbook page.

Review the final exam schedule.

Familiarize yourself with inclement weather resources

Complete when you arrive at Cornell:

Attend the UPR orientation

Complete your Cornell ID card request form

Come to B20 Day Hall as soon as you arrive on campus to pick up an ID request form (the office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., Mondays through Fridays).

Take this form to the university registrar to have your picture taken and to receive your Cornell ID. There is a $40 charge to replace a lost ID.

Your ID card can be used as an electronic door key and to access a variety of facilities on campus, including, dining, laundry, fitness centers, and libraries.

If you haven't already done so, buy your textbooks at the Cornell Store. (You may also buy your textbooks through Amazon or other online sellers.)

Learn about transportation on campus

Check out the local TCAT bus schedules.

Contact Ithaca Dispatch Taxi Services if needed.

For additional information, visit Cornell's transportation links.

Locate your classroom or take a campus tour

Check out Cornell dining hours and off-campus restaurants

Enroll in Cornell's emergency notification system

If you have not yet entered your emergency notification and contact information, please go to and select the links for emergency contact info and emergency mass notification. (You will need your NetID to access this system.)

For more information, visit Emergency Notification Tools.

Review important health and safety information

You can reach the Cornell Police by dialing 911 from any campus phone or 607.255.1111 from any cell phone.

Check out our health and safety page for important information, including links to gorge safety. Note that swimming in gorges is prohibited.

Cornell Health, a fully accredited provider of medical and mental health services, is located on Ho Plaza near Willard Straight Hall.

Connect with Cornell libraries and the IT service desk

To learn more about Cornell libraries, visit the CUL website or stop by the library nearest you.

Contact Information Technology at Cornell for information on e-mail accounts, printing, computer labs, and more.

Enjoy fun things to do in Ithaca

Check out these resources: