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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Cornell University/Division of Nutritional Sciences Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program in Health Studies

August 2018-May 2019

Health insurance

Because of the high costs of medical care, Cornell requires that all students, including participants in the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program in Health Studies, have adequate health insurance coverage, either their own comparable health insurance or the Cornell University Student Health Plan (SHP). (Please note: all enrolled students must complete the health history form regardless of their health insurance plan.)

Please carefully review your health insurance to make sure it meets Cornell's minimum requirements and will provide adequate coverage for you at Cornell and in the Ithaca area.

If you do not have adequate health insurance, you may be eligible for the SHP enrollment option. This plan has been developed especially for Cornell students to provide access to convenient and efficient care that complements the quality health services provided on campus.

SHP is an accident and sickness policy that:

  • Provides coverage 24 hours a day anywhere in the world
  • For students in Ithaca, provides coordination of services by Cornell Health and a preferred provider network that includes the local hospital
  • Covers pre-existing health conditions
  • Guards against catastrophic expenses
  • Continues coverage when students have to take a leave of absence
  • Meets or exceeds all F-1 and J-1 visa requirements
  • Meets or exceeds all federal, state, and American College Health Association standards for health insurance
  • Includes world-wide travel assistance and emergency air transportation services
  • Offers optional dental and vision plans for members
  • Provides convenient assistance with enrollment and claims submission through the Cornell Office of Student Health Benefits.

For complete details, visit the Student Health Plan (SHP) section of the Office of Student Health Benefits website.

Students will receive more information about health insurance requirements after they have been accepted into the program.

Student health fee

Cornell University has implemented a $370-per-academic-year student health fee to increase students' access to care and to support the health and well-being of the entire campus.

All full-time degree and non-degree students studying on the Ithaca campus are obligated to either:

  • pay this fee (students are encouraged to pay this within one week of the start of the fall semester to avoid an additional late fee), OR
  • enroll in the Student Health Plan (SHP)

For more information, visit the student health fee page on the Office of Student Health Benefits website.