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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Campus-to-Career programs

Check out these highly regarded programs linking academic study with intensive career exploration and the opportunity to develop professional contacts, gain real-world experience, and strengthen your resume.

Internship programs

Prelaw Program in New York City
June 3–July 12, 2019

Experiential learning programs

Read about our pre-med programs in New York City.

On-campus courses
Exploring Medicine: Health Care Careers and Culture in NYC
January 22–May 10, 2019
Faculty: Sam Beck
Practicing Medicine: Health Care Culture and Careers
June 3–July 26, 2019
Faculty: Sam Beck

Other special programs

Generally falling outside the dates of the regular summer or winter sessions, special programs may be geared towards a specific audience, combine a number of courses in a given subject area, be held on or off campus, and/or include site visits or internships.

Please visit the "Courses" sections of our Summer Session and Winter Session websites for a complete listing of the on- and off-campus programs that we offer.

The application procedures and tuition rates for special programs usually differ from those of the regular sessions, so be sure to read the full program description for registration information. For all special programs, you must obtain the permission of the program director to register.