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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Enrollment and registration

Cornell employee

As a Cornell employee, you may be eligible to take up to four credits of regular three-, six-, or eight-week Summer Session courses tuition-free. You are responsible for any course or registration fees.

In most cases, the tuition waiver does not apply to physical education courses or participation in a special program. For these, you must pay the tuition charge and any fees in full, and follow the appropriate registration procedures.

To determine your eligibility, contact the Office of Human Resources (telephone: 607.255.3936).

To register:

  1. complete the course enrollment form,
  2. obtain the signatures of your supervisor and department head, and
  3. mail the form to us at B20 Day Hall by the course enrollment deadline. After that deadline, you will be charged a registration fee and any applicable late fees.

If, after registering, you decide not to take a course, complete a change-in-enrollment form immediately at B20 Day Hall. If you don't, you will receive a grade of F and may be liable for the tuition and any fees.