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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Enrollment and registration

International students

Visit the Global Cornell site for updates about the executive order on immigration as well as information about Cornell resources in support of our international community.

Summer Session welcomes international students to Cornell and encourages you to take advantage of this chance to live and learn at a world-renowned university.

As an international student at Cornell you'll be well supported by the Summer Sessions office and a variety of campus resources. You'll also find that Ithaca, New York is a friendly and vibrant small city. You'll hear more than English spoken at Summer Session. And, we hope you'll share your culture with us.

International students may be interested in these summer programs:

To enroll in Summer Session, please carefully read the information below.

If you have any questions about enrollment or payment, contact the Summer Session office.

For the most current information about eligibility for international study, as well as helpful hints about other cultural and academic matters, please contact the Office of Global Learning International Services (IS) or email

Language requirements

If your first language is not English, and you've taken the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS), you need to have received the following scores to attend Summer Session:

  • a TOEFL score of at least 100 on the internet-based test or 600 on the paper test or
  • an IELTS score of at least 7.

These required scores reflect the minimum level of English proficiency you need to take Cornell courses.

Adequate command of written and spoken English is critical to your success at Cornell. Courses are taught in English and you must be able to effectively communicate with faculty members, your fellow students, your roommate, and others to succeed at Summer Session.

Visa requirements for students in on-campus courses

Most international students in on-campus courses will need an F-1 student visa to study at Cornell. (Students cannot study at the university on a tourist visa.) The F-1 student visa requires that students studying in the United States be fluent in written and spoken English. This proficiency is also critical to your success at Cornell. In addition, you must be enrolled for the duration of your program in at least three credits for a three-week session or at least six credits for a six- or eight-week session.

Obtaining this visa may take a number of weeks. Therefore, we ask you to submit your I-20 Request Form along with your course-enrollment form (see step 3 below) at least six weeks before the start of your session.

Enrollment and registration steps for students in on-campus courses

Note: Most international students wishing to enroll in online courses may skip the steps below. Instead, they may select their online course and complete the enrollment and registrations steps outlined in the "Undergraduate" category.

Step 1: Review the enrollment and registration deadlines

Consult the academic calendar for your session dates and enrollment and registration deadlines.

Step 2: Choose the class you want to take

Before selecting your class, please review the credit limits. Also keep in mind that as an international student studying at Cornell on a visa you must be enrolled for the duration of your program in at least three credits for a three-week session or at least six credits for a six- or eight-week session.

Select your summer class(es).

Step 3: Complete a course enrollment form

Download and complete the course enrollment form.

Please complete only one course enrollment form, even if you're attending more than one session. (If you later decide to make a course change, submit a change-in-enrollment form.) If you're participating in more than one session, the registration dates that apply are the ones for the first session in which you're enrolling.

Step 4: Complete and submit an I-20 request and related materials

If you wish to study on campus, either download and complete an I-20 request form or write a letter that states your date of birth, country of birth, country of citizenship, course of study, and source of financial support.

Also, gather the following materials:

  • a copy of the biographical data page of your passport; and
  • a copy of the letter of award if the source of funds is a scholarship or a grant, or
  • a current statement from a bank guaranteeing sufficient funds to cover summer study if personal funds are being used. The amount must be shown in U.S. dollars and must equal tuition of $1,460 per credit, fees, plus $450 per week for living expenses. Note: Facsimile copies of documentation cannot be accepted.

Submit all of the above materials, including your course enrollment form, at the same time and as soon as possible, to the Summer Sessions office. Materials may be submitted in person or via mail to:

Cornell University Summer Session
B20 Day Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-2801

Upon receipt of your I-20 request form or letter and related materials, the Summer Session office will issue you an I-20 form (Certificate of Eligibility for F-1 Student Visa). You may then take the I-20 form to the U.S. Consulate in your home country and apply for the F-1 student visa. Note: To ensure receipt of an I-20 form before the start of your study, you should submit all required forms and documents at least six weeks prior to the beginning of the session for which you are enrolling.

If you have received your I-20 form and have questions regarding your F-1 student visa application or other immigration matters, please contact the Office of Global Learning International Services (IS), Cornell University, 300 Caldwell Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853-2602 (telephone: 607.255.5243; fax: 607.255.2778; email:

If you have not received your I-20 form as expected, contact the Summer Session office.

Step 5: Submit your payment before or on registration day

For payment amounts, see tuition.

For ways to submit your tuition, see payment methods.

  • Before or on registration day, send or bring payment to Cornell University Summer Session, B20 Day Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853.
  • After registration day, bring payment to B20 Day Hall.

Note: You are not officially registered for Summer Session until you have submitted full payment. If you're participating in more than one session, payment must be submitted for all sessions according to the applicable dates for the first session in which you are enrolling.

Step 6: Review Cornell's health requirements

Review the health and safety page and complete the Summer Session requirements by the time you begin Summer Session.

Step 7: Review the welcome guide

Learn more about how to prepare for Summer Session and what to do when you arrive on campus.

Step 8: Complete the Office of Global Learning International Services (IS) check-in procedure

Once you arrive at Cornell and are within five days of your Cornell start date, you must Complete the Office of Global Learning International Services (IS) online check-in procedure.

IS provides many useful services and programs to international students, including a quick guide to life at Cornell.