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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Enrollment and registration

Seniors Program

Are you at least sixty years old and someone who loves to learn for learning's sake? If so, and you aren't interested in earning college credit, the Seniors Program could be just the thing for you.

You may register for most courses offered in the three-, eight-, and six-week Summer Session (see note below). No transcript, grade record, or proof of your attendance in the class is kept.

To register, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Download and complete the Seniors Program registration form or contact us so that we can send you one.

Step 2: Obtain the instructor's permission to attend the class and get his or her signature on the registration form.

Step 3: During the registration period (the first week of the three-week session and the first two weeks of the six- and eight-week sessions) bring the completed registration form to B20 Day Hall to be approved.

Step 4: Pay the registration fee of $136 per credit. It will be refunded only if you're not allowed to stay in the class due to space limitations (students registering for credit have priority).

If you'd like to change your registration from the Seniors Program to that of credit registration, you may do so—with the instructor's permission—only during the first two weeks of classes. You must then reregister through the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions and pay the regular tuition charge of $1,360 per credit minus the amount already paid.

Note: You may not register in any special programs or in participatory courses in areas such as photography, art, computer science, most languages, and laboratory science.