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ID cards and NetIDs

Identification cards

If you're a Cornell student registered for Summer Session courses, you may use your Cornell ID card.

If you're a visiting Summer Session student and are registered (i.e., have paid tuition) for a Summer Session course, please come to B20 Day Hall on or after your first day of class to pick up an ID Request Form. You will then take this form to the university registrar to have your picture taken and to receive your Cornell ID.

There is a $40 charge to replace a lost ID.


As a Summer Session student you will need to obtain a Cornell Network ID (NetID), if you don't already have one, to:

  • gain easier access to your transcript,
  • obtain your grades through the Student Center,
  • access library services and Blackboard,
  • use Cornell's network services, including e-mail,
  • set up mail forwarding,
  • enroll in the emergency notification system (see below)
  • complete online summer evaluations, and more.

To get your NetID:

  • if you're studying on campus, take your Cornell ID to the IT Service Desk, located in Room 119 of the Computing and Communications Center (CCC), 607.255.5500. It's open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • if you're studying off campus, contact the the IT Service Desk to begin the process.

For more information about NetIDs, visit the NetID FAQs.

Emergency notification system

We strongly encourage you to enroll in Cornell's mass emergency notification system.

This system would be used to alert you when there is a significant emergency or a dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of the university community.

In addition, you are encouraged to supply your emergency contact information, which would be used in the event you are involved in an emergency.

If you have not yet entered your emergency notification and contact information, please do so now.

Go to and select the links for Emergency Contact Info and Emergency Mass Notification.

For more information, visit Emergency Notification Tools.