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Cornell University Police operates twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year, from G-2 Barton Hall. You can contact them by:

  • calling 607.255.1111 from your cell phone,
  • picking up a Blue Light telephone, or,
  • in an emergency, dialing 911 from any campus phone.

The law enforcement agency for the Cornell community, Cornell Police ( is charged with the enforcement of all federal, state, and local laws as well as the Campus Code of Conduct. Cornell Police strives to enhance the safety and security of people on campus with highly trained, around-the-clock patrols and with a proactive crime-prevention program. You can assist the Cornell Police by securing your valuables at all times, reporting suspicious activity immediately, making sure your room is locked when it's unoccupied or when you're sleeping, and never propping doors open.

Blue Light telephones are located throughout campus and provide direct communication with the Cornell Police. If you need assistance, or in an emergency, pick up the receiver or push the button. Officers will know your location automatically and respond quickly.

We also strongly encourage you to enroll in Cornell's emergency notification system.

Gorge safety

The two gorges that run through the Cornell campus represent 10,000 years of beauty and they help to make Cornell one of the world’s most beautiful campuses. Cascadilla Gorge is located to the south of campus and Fall Creek Gorge is to the north of campus. While the gorges are wonderful for recreation and hiking, they can be very dangerous. The gorges are eroding constantly and rocks continue to fall from the cliff sides, especially when water flows are high.  

Please read The Gorges of Cornell, Trail Map and Safety Information. This brochure provides a path guide and advice for safety precautions while visiting the gorges.  

While tempting on hot days, swimming in the gorges is extremely dangerous and a serious threat of drowning exists. Swimming in the gorges is prohibited by Chapter 250 of the City of Ithaca code, Peace and Good Order, which states, “No person shall bathe in, swim in, or for purposes of swimming and/or bathing enter any of the waters within the City of Ithaca except in the waters officially designated as swimming or bathing areas.”  

Swimming options

Alternatives for safe and legal swimming in the Ithaca area include:

Outdoor (summer only)