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Housing (on campus)

On-campus housing

On-campus housing is available during Summer Session and for summer special programs. To apply for housing, visit Campus Life Summer Housing.

On-campus housing is not available to high school students unless they are enrolled in the Summer College program.

Rooms are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis as students arrive at the residence halls. You may not check in more than twenty-four hours before, or check out more than twenty-four hours after your scheduled session. Please schedule your arrival to coincide with service-center hours. Cornell has facilities for people with disabilities; anyone who has special needs should indicate that fact on the application.

Contact the Housing and Dining Office to get information about residence hall furnishings; linens, kitchenware and cleaning supplies; laundry; air conditioning and electrical usage; parking and storage; and Internet, phone, and telephone service.

Unless you are a continuing Cornell student, you must pay for your room by check or money order payable to Cornell University when you arrive at the residence hall. Continuing students can be billed through the bursar's office. No student may occupy a room until full payment is received and a room contract is signed.

Room Rates

Room rates will be published as soon as they are available.


Please contact Cornell Housing.