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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions


On-campus courses

ALS: Agriculture and Life Sciences

AMST: American Studies

ARCH: Architecture

ARKEO: Archaeology

ASRC: Africana Studies and Research Center

BEE: Biological and Environmental Engineering

BIOEE: BIO: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

BIOMG: Molecular Biology and Genetics

BIOMI: BIO: Microbiology

BIONB: BIO: Neurobiology and Behavior

CEE: Civil and Environmental Engineering

CHEM: Chemistry and Chemical Biology

CHEM 1002: Chemical Concepts-Prefresh: Analytical Problem Solving for Chem 1001 (summer only)

CLASS: Classics

COGST: Cognitive Science

CS: Computer Science

DEA: Design and Environmental Analysis

ECE: Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECON: Economics

ECON 1011: PSP Economics: Concepts of Economics (summer only)

ENGL: English

ENGL 1131: FWS: Mastering College Reading and Writing: Prefreshman Writing Seminar: Tales of Latin America (summer only)
ENGL 1131: FWS: Mastering College Reading and Writing: Prefreshman Writing Seminar: Memoir and Memory (summer only)

ENGRD: Engineering: Distribution Systems Engineering

ENGRG: Engineering: General Interest

ENGRI: Engineering: Introduction

FSAD: Fiber Science and Apparel Design

GOVT: Government

HADM: Hotel Administration

HD: Human Development

JWST: Jewish Studies

LAW: Law

LING: Linguistics

LSP: Latino Studies Program

MATH: Mathematics

MUSIC: Music

NEPAL: Nepali

NES: Near Eastern Studies

NTRES: Natural Resources

ORIE: Operations Research and Information Engineering

PHIL: Philosophy

PLBIO: Plant Biology

PMA: Performing and Media Arts

PSYCH: Psychology

RELST: Religious Studies

STS: Science and Technology Studies

STSCI: Statistical Science

VETCS: Clinical Sciences

VTBMS: Biomedical Sciences