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MAE 3260 System Dynamics

Course description

Dynamic behavior of mechanical systems: modeling, analysis techniques, and applications; vibrations of single- and multidegree- of-freedom systems; feedback control systems. Computer simulation and experimental studies of vibration and control systems. Outcome 1: Student will have an ability to build up a correct dynamic model of a complex mechanical or electromechanical system by a divide-and-conquer approach that makes use of physics, constitutive laws, geometry, and whatever other information one may have about the system. Outcome 2: An ability to use linear and nonlinear system simulation and analysis tools to study transient and frequency response of systems. Outcome 3: An ability to work with modern dynamics lab equipment. Outcome 4: An ability to design dynamic parameters in order to meet dynamic performance requirements such as a bound on vibration transmission. Outcome 5: An ability to understand and design rudimentary feedback controllers to meet performance specifications on dynamic response.

Permission of instructor required if not a Cornell Engineering student.


MATH 2930, 2940, MAE 2030, and junior standing.


MAE 3260 001-LEC On-campus program: Engineering Cooperative Education Program

Class dates:July 4-August 14, 2019
Days/times:MTWR 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM Upson Hall 222
Tuition:Please see Engineering Co-op tuition.
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MAE 3260 401-LAB On-campus program: Engineering Cooperative Education Program

Class dates:July 4-August 14, 2019
Exam dates:Will be provided by instructor (see Final exams)
Days/times:TR 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM Upson Hall 206
Instructor:Lobontiu, N. (nl73)
Max. enroll:35
Tuition:Please see Engineering Co-op tuition.
To enroll:To enroll, complete and submit a course enrollment form and your payment to the Summer Session office. For more information, see enrollment and registration. Please note that late registration fees may apply.
Related:You will be auto-enrolled in MAE 3260 001-LEC

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