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CHEM 1001 Chemical Concepts

Course description

(summer only) This course is only offered in the Summer Session.

Chemistry 1001, Chemical Concepts, prepares incoming freshmen for Cornell chemistry courses, with special focus on preparing students for General Chemistry I (CHEM 2070). CHEM 1001 focuses on topics and concepts that students will encounter in the fall. CHEM 1001 makes extensive use of group-formatted sessions to develop problem-solving skills, to prepare students for the types of questions and information they will encounter in college chemistry courses, and to create a climate of confidence (self-efficacy) about learning in chemistry. CHEM 1001 has a required morning (8:30-9:45) discussion (2 credits) and required afternoon (1:00-2:15) lecture (3 credits). Students will attend both lecture and discussion each day and be assigned homework assignments in both discussion and lecture almost every day. CHEM 1001 is a very intense course and requires considerable amount of effort outside the classroom, including homework assignments and outside of class discussion and study group meetings. CHEM 1001 grading is S/U. There is a one credit (S/U) analytical problem-solving lab that accompanies CHEM 1001. Analytical problem-solving meets two times each week to develop the type of mathematical problem solving skills needed for success in chemistry classes. The analytical problem-solving lab is open on a drop-in basis to all CHEM 1001 students who want to improve their math skills. Enrollment in the analytical problem-solving lab will be required for some students. CHEM 1001 is intended for students interested in taking CHEM 2070 or a similar introductory chemistry course in the upcoming fall semester. Science majors and pre-med students are welcome. This course involves a considerable amount of effort outside the classroom, including study group meetings, discussions and a considerable amount of homework. It is recommended that any student taking CHEM 1001 should be taking no more than one other summer course at the same time as CHEM 1001. It is also strongly recommended that students who do not intend to take a chemistry course at Cornell University should not take CHEM 1001. Preparatory for: Chemistry 2070 and other introductory chemistry classes Only open to students in the Prefreshman Summer Program

Open only to students in the Prefreshman Summer Program


CHEM 1001 001-LEC On-campus program: Prefreshman Summer Program

Class dates:June 24-August 6, 2019
Days/times:M-F 1 PM - 2:15 PM Baker Laboratory 200
Related:CHEM 1001 201-DIS

CHEM 1001 201-DIS On-campus program: Prefreshman Summer Program

Class dates:June 24-August 6, 2019
Exam dates:Will be provided by instructor (see Final exams)
Days/times:M-F 8:30 AM - 9:45 AM Baker Laboratory 200
Instructor:Bogusz, B.
Lee, S. (sl137)
Max. enroll:90
To enroll:See Prefreshman Summer Program for enrollment information.
Related:You will be auto-enrolled in CHEM 1001 001-LEC

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