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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions


BIOSM 4720 Marine Ecological Genomics

Course description

(summer only) This course is only offered in the Summer Session.

This course combines an introduction to the field-based and analytical components of marine ecological genomics research. Fieldwork will focus on sampling of the invertebrate and bacterial communities within the intertidal zone of Appledore Island in the Gulf of Maine. An extensive introduction to common and emerging genomics analytical techniques will include: next generation sequence analysis, phylogenomics, differential gene expression and population genomics. Students will contribute to the Earth Microbiome Project, a long-term, collaborative ecological research program focused on characterizing the Earthâ¿¿s microbial communities across a wide range of ecosystems. Students will become proficient in the R statistical programming environment and will conduct independent research using data from Appledore Island.


At least one college-level course in introductory genetics or bioinformatics, e.g. BIOMG 2800 (Genetics and Genomics), ANSC2210 (Principles of Animal Genetics), or similar.


BIOSM 4720 801-FLD: Marine Science - Shoals Marine Laboratory

Class dates:July 15-29, 2019
Exam dates:Will be provided by instructor (see Final exams)
Days/times:MTWRFSU 8:15 AM - 9 PM Other, Off-Campus
Grade:Student option
Instructor:Pankey, M.
Max. enroll:12
To enroll:See Marine Science - Shoals Marine Laboratory for enrollment information.

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