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BIOMG 2801 Laboratory in Genetics and Genomics

Course description

General introduction to laboratory experimental genetics in eukaryotes and bacteria. Topics include gene transmission, linkage, recombination, structure, mutations, and manipulation. Outcome 1: Apply quantitative reasoning, basic probability/statistics and experimental controls to accomplish the goals of the laboratory projects on Mendelian chromosome mapping and microbial genetics. Outcome 2: Develop an understanding of how the scientific method works and how analysis of raw experimental and control data is the foundation for scientific conclusions. Outcome 3: Develop an understanding of real-world biological constraints on the design and execution of experiments involving live organisms.

Biological sciences majors must take course for a letter grade.


BIOMG 2800; BIOG 1500 recommended.


BIOMG 2800; BIOG 1500


BIOMG 2801 401-LAB On-campus 8-week session

Session:8-week session
Class dates:June 11-August 7, 2018
Exam dates:Will be provided by instructor (see Final exams)
Days/times:WF 1 PM - 3 PM Plant Science Building G41
Grade:Student option
Instructor:Blake-Hodek, K. (kab69)
Max. enroll:28
To enroll:To enroll, complete and submit a course enrollment form and your payment to the Summer Session office. For more information, see enrollment and registration. Please note that late registration fees may apply.

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