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HD 4200 Risk and Rational Decision Making

Course description

This laboratory course will offer a hands-on introduction to research and laboratory techniques that address topics in risk and rational decision making in human development from multiple disciplinary perspectives. The course will include activities such as scientific presentations, collaborative work, peer review, and designing research on topics in decision-making under risk and uncertainty, as well as discussion of scientific methods and interpretation of data. Topics in decision-making may include war, terrorism, cancer control and prevention (e.g., screening tests), personal behaviors that involve risk (e.g., HIV-prevention), public health risks (e.g., vaccinations), law enforcement (e.g., use of a weapon) and legal decision-making (e.g., jury deliberations). Students will read pertinent papers, write reaction responses, and work in the laboratory completing tasks that contribute to ongoing research studies.


PSYCH 1101, or HD 1150, or equivalent.


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