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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

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HD 2800 Cultural Psychology

Course description

The course focuses on cutting-edge research from the recently emerged, exciting field of cultural psychology. We discuss major theories and findings that integrate cultural perspectives into psychology, and consider methodological issues unique for studying the role of culture in psychological processes and functioning. Drawing on recent work in social psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and cultural anthropology, we consider a variety of topics (e.g., the self, motivation, morality, emotion, cognition, psychopathology, interpersonal relationships) from cultural perspectives. Outcome 1: Learn content and theories in the areas of cultural psychology Outcome 2: Learn how to critically evaluate theories and empirical research in cultural psychology. Outcome 3: Achieve basic literacy in the research methods of cultural psychology. Outcome 4: Acquire the skills to direct own learning.


PSYCH 1101, or HD 1150, or equivalent.


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