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HORT 1112 Discover the Art and Science of Cultivating Lawns, Gardens and Landscapes

Course description

(summer only) This course is only offered in the Summer Session.

Understanding the familiar plant world around us offers a dynamic foundation for comprehending complex global issues and making well-informed decisions. Lawns, gardens and landscapes can be the building blocks for an in-depth understanding of important life science principles, a study that is exciting as well as creative. This course will address basic knowledge of plant function and growth through study, observation and manipulation of representative cultivated plants. Horticultural principles and practices will serve to illuminate topics such as plant classification and anatomy; photosynthesis; water and sugar transport; nutrition; growth and development; and plants’ response to their environment. In-class experiences will expand your understanding of science principles and creativity in a manner that is as enjoyable as instructive.

This course satisfies the Life Sciences distribution requirement in CALS.


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