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NES 2619 History and Politics of the Modern and Contemporary Middle East

Course description

(summer only) This course is only offered in the Summer Session.

This course examines the history and politics of the Middle East and its central place in world affairs from the turn of the twentieth century down to the present. Beginning with the end of the Ottoman Empire and European colonization and domination of the entire region following WWI, we will study the emergence of Arab, Turkish, Persian nationalisms and Zionism, social and religious reform, the discovery of oil and its strategic importance in world political economy, the role of the region in the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union, the conflict between Israel, the Palestinians and the Arab states, the political use of Islam and 9/11/01 and its aftermath, the Arab uprisings of the last few years and the civil wars that followed, and the American sponsored nuclear agreement with Iran. Assigned readings and film viewing will be supplemented with translated primary sources for use in class and section meeting discussions.


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