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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions


COMM 3060 Connecting Experience: Creating a Personal Brand & Implementing an ePortfolio

Course description

This course engages the student with his/her online presence. By committing to a daily video blog, an active and informative Twitter account, mastering the Skype interview and creating and maintaining a robust ePortfolio, the student will embrace twenty-first century interpersonal media skills to leave a healthy digital footprint. A major component of the class is to improve the student's oral communication skills through three personal branding assignments via video/ digital presentation. Outcome 1: Integrate academic and life experiences into a personal brand that will be demonstrated through the creation of an ePortfolio. Outcome 2: Create content such as video blogs and mission statements for professional development purposes. Outcome 3: Be encouraged to express the views of marginalized and diverse perspectives. Outcome 4: Work both individually and in collaboration.


Sophomore standing.


COMM 3060 001-LEC On-campus 6-week session

The COMM 3060 001-LEC section of this course has been canceled.

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