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HADM 6133 Global Conversations with Entrepreneurs

Course description

Global Conversations with Entrepreneurs (GCE) is a three-credit course designed to teach and immerse students in entrepreneurial opportunities and challenges of a specific topic country or region (geography). The course is designed to expose students to rich entrepreneurial experiences located outside the United States, teaching students how to adapt theoretical knowledge and practical skills to unfamiliar environments. This interdisciplinary course will be open to both undergraduate and graduate students from majors across campus and is designed to highlight specific differences between the U.S. and the topic geography. To achieve this, the course will present the topic geography through three major course themes: Culture, Industry, and Resources; and students will review in at least five global entrepreneurial companies will present their perspective on the specific topic country or region from an operations perspective.

Co-meets with HADM 4133. Auditing not permitted.


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