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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions


HADM 1650 Business Writing for Hospitality Professionals

Course description

Introduces the role and importance of effective communication in managerial work, especially in the hospitality industry. Students develop abilities in analytical thinking and clear expression. With an emphasis on business writing, this course builds foundational skills for creating professional-level communications. Students plan, develop, and produce increasingly complex written communications and deliver oral presentations. Outcome 1: PLO 1.1: Students will identify key issues and appropriately apply discipline principles to analyze a hospitality management solution. Outcome 2: PLO 1.2: Students will critically evaluate a hospitality management problem and will formulate a solution based on principles from at least two management disciplines. Outcome 3: PLO 2.1: Students will create professional-quality written business documents. Outcome 4: PLO 2.2: Students will plan and deliver a professional-quality oral presentation. Outcome 5: PLO 3.1: Students will identify the ethical dimensions of a business decision.


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