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NS 1600 Introduction to Public Health

Course description

Introduction to Public Health provides the basic principles, practices, and policies of public health, including an introduction to the infrastructure and organization of public health; methods of data collection and surveillance; disease promotion and prevention; health disparities; and the achievements, challenges, and controversies in the field. Outcome 1: Articulate basic public health principles, practices, and policies. (Satisfies DPD learning outcome KRD 4.3) Outcome 2: Describe public health achievements, challenges, and controversies. Outcome 3: Describe the organization of the US healthcare system. (Satisfies DPD learning outcome KRD 4.4) Outcome 4: Identify the roles and challenges of epidemiology in disease prevention and investigation (e.g. surveillance techniques and limitations, epidemiologic measures, etc.) Outcome 5: Describe the differences and commonalities between public health approaches to health prevention versus an individual-level medical approach to health.


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