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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions


NS 4997 Experiential Learning in Global and Public Health in Washington, DC

Course description

This course centers on the student’s global and public health internship in Washington DC to engage in an applied and holistic way with the global and public health policy world. Students will contribute to some work of their host organization and identify a particular global and public health policy issue they have encountered in their internship. They will analyze this issue in NS 4997 using guidance provided in their ePortfolios and they will do further analysis on it using complementary frameworks and perspectives gained from the policy and politics course (NS 4998). Outcome 1: Describe a public health issue through engagement in practice, policy, or research. Outcome 2: Examine and explain the key characteristics and interests of their host organization, hospital, institution, or research project, and how they relate to public health issue they have described and analyzed. Outcome 3: Analyze a public health issue integrating academic knowledge and experiential learning. Outcome 4: Document and explain how the applied experience advanced academic, professional, and personal learning goals.


NS 1600, NS 2060, NS 2600. Permission of instructor required. Enrollment limited to: GPHS majors. Offered in Washington, D.C. as part of Cornell in Washington program.


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