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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Imagining Rome: Art Studio and Creative Writing Workshops in Italy

May 26-June 22, 2019


Imagining Rome: Art Studio and Creative Writing Workshops in Italy is a Cornell University summer study abroad program. It is designed for both Cornell students and students of other institutions, at any level of expertise, interested in studying writing or studio art at Cornell's teaching facility in the historic city center of Rome.

Courses are taught in English, at a teaching facility near the Cornell student apartments.

The program allows participants to enroll for six (or, with permission, seven) credits of specialized study at the introductory, intermediate, or advanced undergraduate level. Students enrolling in introductory courses are assumed to have no experience in the field. The program also offers independent study options in writing or in studio art for graduate students.

The syllabi for the courses are designed to take advantage of the text that the city of Rome itself offers. Students will also study the architecture, sculpture, painting, and spatial design of the city as well as the culture of Rome as expressed in its visual art and in the poetry, fiction, memoirs, and letters of writers, painters, and sculptors who have lived in Rome or visited there.

Many of the writing and studio art assignments are made in association with site visits that all students and faculty make together in and near Rome.

This experience involves ascending and descending many stone steps and traversing cobblestone streets and uneven terrain of archeological sites. If students have disability/health access concerns about this experience and wish to explore what accommodations might be possible, they should consult with their program and Student Disability Services.

Because the Rome creative writing and art courses are already approved as courses that may count towards graduation (they are listed in the Courses of Study online catalogue), the courses automatically will count towards the 120 credits that Cornell undergraduate students must earn for graduation. Depending on a student's college and major, the courses may also fulfill requirements for electives, distribution requirements, the major, or a minor in creative writing, English, or fine arts. Like other Cornell Summer Session courses, the Imagining Rome courses are semester-length courses compressed into a short summer term.

Students from the following Cornell University colleges and units have earned academic credits in the Rome summer program: Art, Architecture, and Planning; Arts and Sciences; Agriculture and Life Sciences; Business; Engineering; Human Ecology; and Industrial and Labor Relations.

Cornell undergraduates should consult with their academic advisors before choosing classes in the Rome program. Undergraduates from other colleges and universities should discuss the courses and the program with their own academic advisors to discover how the Cornell transfer credits might be counted. Graduate students should consult with their special committee chairs or thesis advisors.