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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Global Health

May 27-July 21, 2017


The goal of the eight-week summer program in Moshi, Tanzania is to enhance cross-cultural competence and gain broad knowledge about global health and agricultural issues in the Tanzanian context. Participants live with a local family and, for the first four weeks of their stay, enroll in a course at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College (KCMC). In this course, students learn about current policy issues and work in teams with Tanzanian students to develop, negotiate, and present ideas on a policy case study. During the second half of the program, students contribute forty hours of service per week to a local non-governmental organization, hospital, government agency, or research project through an internship placement that is tailored to the student's interests in global health.


Students in this program register for the four-credit course NS 4630 Global Health, Development & Policy Issues in Tanzania.


For information about the application and registration processes, including tuition amounts and deadlines, please see the Global Health Summer Programs page on the Division of Nutritional Sciences' website.


Tuition for the program is $5,440. Deposits for the 2017 program must be made as follows:

  • first deposit deadline: February 3, 2017 — $500 (non-refundable deposit)
  • second deposit deadline: March 22, 2017 — $1,500
  • third deposit deadline: April 26, 2017 — $3,440

Refund policy

To withdraw from this special program, you must notify the SCE registrar's office in writing. Your refund amount will be determined by the number of days from the start of the program that you withdraw.

Refund schedule (based on program start date):

  • Days 1–3: Withdrawal period with a 100 percent tuition refund
  • Days 4–5: Withdrawal period with a 50 percent tuition refund
  • Day 6: Withdrawal period with a 0 percent refund

If you want to appeal the refund schedule based on special circumstances, please download and complete the petition form and submit it to B20 Day Hall. The form will be reviewed by committee, and you will be notified if your appeal is approved.

More information

For more information about this program, please see About the Tanzania Summer Program on the Division of Nutritional Sciences website.

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