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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions
This program is no longer accepting applications.

Performing and Media Arts Summer Program in Europe

June 7-July 21, 2017


Byron Suber is a senior lecturer in the Department of Performing and Media Arts at Cornell University. His work encompasses projects in practice and history/theory/criticism that he describes collectively as spatial organizational practices. The work spans the fields of media (sound and image production), performance (dance, theater, and digital film), architectural and urban histories, and queer studies.

As a historian, Suber's areas of interest are France (1500–present), Italy (1300–present), Russia/Soviet Union (1870–1970), antebellum and twentieth-century America, and twenty- to twenty-first century North Africa. His subjects include modernism (dance and architecture); classical ballet; the Gothic; French and Italian colonialism in Africa; French, Italian, and American cinema; and carceral histories in America, England, France, and Italy. As a practitioner, his work includes western concert dance (ballet and modern), digital video and sound production, gallery installation work, playwriting, directing, and dance/theater.

In addition to teaching standard dance technique and composition classes, Suber has developed such courses as "50's Movie Musicals and Modernism," "Technology and the Moving Body," "Ancient/Modern Corporealites," "Performativity in Paris," and "Queer(ing) Europe."