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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Practicing Medicine: Health Care Culture and Careers

June 3-July 26, 2019

Come to an information session March 5, 2019 in Day Hall, B16 at 5:00 p.m. to learn more about this course and other for-credit programs based in New York City this summer. Free pizza and beverages!

This experiential learning program in New York City is an opportunity to explore careers in health and medicine by participating in health care providers' day-to-day activities.

Immersed in medical culture and practice through clinical rotations and seminars, students will discover how medical professionals think and work.

Program features

The program includes

  • a three-credit course taught by Dr. Sam Beck;
  • small-scale seminars with experienced teaching assistants;
  • seminars with faculty from Weill Cornell Medicine;
  • clinical rotations in a hospital or clinic;
  • student-led seminars focusing on self-reflection and discussions of enthographic methods, health care, medical culture, and careers; and
  • site tours and explorations across New York City.

During the first few days, students will

  • engage in a hands-on participatory approach to learning about ethnographic methods;
  • participate in instructor-guided seminars and collaborative classroom discussions; and
  • reflect on their experiences, observations, and field interviews.

During the rest of the program, students will spend

  • three-and-a-half days per week in rotations, shadowing practitioners*;
  • a half day per week in lectures and discussions with faculty from Weill Cornell Medicine, learning about health care culture, careers, trends, critical issues, and more;
  • a half day per week with Cornell TAs, learning, processing, and discussing ethnographic methods; and

*For a list of participating hospitals, see hospital placements.

Who should attend

The program is designed for students considering further study and/or a career in health care.

It is open to college undergraduates and recent college graduates, pre-med students, and high school graduates who are at least 18 years old.

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