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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Cornell University Prelaw Program in New York City

June 3-July 12, 2019

Student quotes

"I valued Professor Stewart's ability to share his personal experiences within the legal profession and to provide insight into the various cases we studied. Furthermore, his unique sense of humor kept the class engaged." --Carlos Alvarez

"This program helped me decide to go to law school, and I plan on applying to Cornell Law in the fall. Hopefully, Cornell Law will be my path to becoming a great lawyer." --Wilson Mazile

"I could not have had a better experience than I had at the U.S. District Court. . . . I watched Judge Dickson preside over a bail hearing for a member of the Grape Street Crips gang of Newark. I sat in on numerous settlement conferences, status hearings, and the initial appearance of an alleged member of the terrorist group ISIS. I know more terminology now than I ever could have known if I spent these three weeks behind a desk.
. . . The class component of this program was amazing, and the internship kept that momentum going." --Eli Nachmany

"The summer course was the most challenging class I have ever taken and also the most interesting. Because of how stimulating the class was, I have decided to apply to law school this winter. Thanks so much for everything." --Grace de la Gueronniere

"I give it a ten out of ten. I've taken multiple 'Introduction to Law' classes, and this is without a doubt the most comprehensive and challenging of the lot." --Benjamin Hoerner

"I just wanted to write to let you know that your course and your instruction were very successful, both in helping me decide I wanted to go to law school and in introducing me to many of the cases I have encountered as a 1L." --Alex Leonard

"Professor Stewart is hilarious and brilliant." --Maya Horgan

"I highly enjoyed the professor's enthusiasm and constant engagement. He was always very excited about the material and made sure we were all very excited about it as well."

"I would definitely recommend this particular class to my friends who are interested in the study and nature of law."

"This program is a must for anyone considering law school."

"A great experience—living in NYC, getting exposure to great legal minds, and working at high-powered internships we could never get on our own."

"I attended this program because it has great subject matter, is in a good location, and I wanted to learn more about law before my $120,000 investment. It has really paid off."

"This program was outstanding. While learning legal philosophy, history, judicial processes, and more, I feel as though I've gained a step up on the rest of first-year law school enrollees."

"The concepts I learned in class and the contacts I made during my internship will definitely help me in my career."

"Great professor. Great material. Great preparation for law school."

"The combination of academic and applied introduction to law is terrific. It gave me a real glimpse into what law school and the practice of law will be like."

"I feel better prepared for law school, as well as reassured that the law, with all of its nuances, difficulties, and challenges, is the path that I want to delve into."

"I am now much more confident about entering law school and entering the legal profession."

"It was rigorous and intense and extremely informative. I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in law."

"This was one of the best classes I have ever taken. The professor knew his stuff and had real world experience; he was not just a scholar. He provided insight others could not and was honest and forthcoming."

"Professor Stewart is the funniest, most interesting lecturer ever! I strongly recommend this course to every pre-law student!"

"The class was taught extremely well by Professor Stewart, who was one of the most interactive, lively, and exciting professors I've ever had. Not only was the class excellent, but the fact that we were placed into an internship was also a huge reason why I applied to this program. A recent Cornell graduate at the law firm I was placed in said he would have definitely done this program if he had known about it."