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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Cornell in Turin: Summer Program in Turin, Italy

June 2-July 12, 2019


Students may enroll in either one or both of the following two courses, both taught in English:

GOVT 3323 European Politics (June 2–June 21, 3 credits)
Faculty: Chris Way, lead faculty; Kora B├Ąttig von Wittelsbach; Robin Best

This course provides an overview of contemporary Western European politics by focusing on challenges posed to European political systems by the Great Recession in the United States. In the first module, we place a special emphasis on the challenges faced by the hardest hit Southern European countries; specifically the rise of non-mainstream political parties on the right and the left. During the second module, we'll pivot from this ongoing challenge to studying European political institutions in general. Throughout the course, we'll take advantage of our location to learn more about Italian politics from local scholars, meetings with politicians, and excursions.

PAM 3620 Population Controversies in Europe (June 23–July 12,
3 credits)
Faculty: Sharon Sassler, lead faculty; Matthew Hall; Laura Tach

Population dynamics are central to global change in numerous areas—inequality, immigration, and diversity; race relations and conflict; family life; health and aging; and social welfare systems. This course explores the causes and consequences of population change, paying particular attention to how population processes interact with the social, economic, and political context in which they play out. Course materials are designed to engage students in contemporary debates unfolding in Europe and elsewhere concerning population "problems" and the policies intended to solve them.