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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Urban Semester Summer Program in New York City

May 30-July 28, 2017


During this nine-week program, students use experience-based learning strategies and ethnographic methods to enhance their competencies as initiates of medical practice or public health work. Focus is on the values and behaviors of health care and health promotion practice with an emphasis on service and professionalism.

The program includes seminars with Sam Beck, PhD, and Marianne Cocchini, MA. Seminars and discussions are held with physicians, researchers, and administrators of Weill Cornell Medical College, individuals from public health fields, and local leaders of NYC neighborhood communities.

HE 4060 Fieldwork in Diversity and Professional Practice: The Culture of Medicine and Public Health

The hospital-setting option is open to rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Students develop their medical rotations, public health placements, and/or research placements with the assistance of the Urban Semester Program, which partners with the New York Presbyterian Hospital system, Weill Cornell Medical College, North Brooklyn's Woodhull Hospital (one of the eleven public hospitals in New York City), Lincoln Hospital, Methodist Hospital, and Brooklyn Hospital. Other New York City hospital rotation opportunities are possible.

Instructor: Sam Beck

HE 4080 Fieldwork in Diversity and Professional Practice: Community and Public Service

This course is open to all students who are interested in internships focused on community and public service anywhere in New York City's metropolitan area. We encourage students to work with North Brooklyn agencies to experience inner-city life close up while participating in an effort to make life better for those who are most vulnerable. Other areas of the city and other service institutions are possible. There are several scholarships available to students who wish to explore public/community service. Students who qualify and who have an interest in medicine and public health will carry out their rotations/internships at Woodhull Hospital. Public health students may choose to work in other areas of the City. Students in non-hospital/non-MD public health settings intern in a placement of their own choosing.

Instructor: Marianne Cocchini

HE 4090 Fieldwork in Diversity and Professional Practice: Finance, Business, Law, and Other Settings

Students may develop their own internship placements in consultation with the Urban Semester Program and draw on our placement lists. They may also explore other opportunities beyond our list. Any internship area can be considered. The most popular are finance, law, communications, and business. The course focuses on the intersection of organizational culture, issues of diversity in professional work and practice, and community service.

Instructor: Marianne Cocchini