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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Courses will be added to the Winter Session roster between September and December. Visit often to see the latest course listings. Registration begins October 1, 2018.

Featured faculty

Lauren Chambliss

Lauren Chambliss teaches and practices applied communication, from social media to traditional print. A former prize-winning journalist and columnist in Washington, DC, Chambliss's teaching focus is on the power of written communication to reach broad audiences and influence or impact decision making. Chambliss will teach Writing for Communication, a core requirement for communications majors. In this course, students will master fundamental communications skills across multiple platforms.

In her prior role at Cornell as communications director for the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, Chambliss was responsible for crafting messaging about sustainability and translating complex science for different stakeholder groups, from farmers to policy makers. Chambliss also headed up an energy conservation project for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to encourage behavioral change in the workplace by leveraging the internet and social networks to promote sustainable behavior. Chambliss frequently presents on communications topics at conferences worldwide, and she conducts communication trainings for scientists of all ages.


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