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AEM 3991 Global Business Strategy

Course description

In today’s increasingly globalized and interconnected world, international transactions as part of business are the norm. Even purely domestic firms have to deal with international issues, be it in the form of imported supplies or foreign competitors. In addition, more and more companies are going abroad to pursue their major business objectives. How can they take advantage of the global marketplace and create economic value through their multimarket activities? This course has three integrated objectives: first, to give you a basic grounding in global business, so that you can become capable of understanding and analyzing events and trends in the global business environment and their impact on managerial decision making; second, to help you understand the analytical frameworks on strategy formulation and implementation in an international context; and third, through a series of concrete case discussions and a local product internationalization project, the course aims at developing your practical skills in applying the tools of global strategic analysis in concrete business situations. Its ultimate goal is to help you become better prepared to serve in and lead business organizations in today’s globalized world.

This course meets the requirements for the Dyson School’s Intercultural and International Management Certificate.


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