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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

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Global Capitalism in One Community

January 3–21, 2017

Student quotes

"This course reminded me of watching the magic school bus! I say that because not only did we dive into the text and theorize what was happening in regards to Jamaica, but we also applied our knowledge and analysis in the country. It was like the classroom came alive. What more can anyone ask from their college experience?"

"Although the island faces economic struggles, Jamaica possesses history and culture that are extremely rich. This course has awakened a part of me that is eager to make positive changes in myself and to impact the world in as many ways as I can."

"This was more than just a course where you sit in a class, memorize facts, regurgitate them on a prelim, and repeat. The service learning approach is an opportunity to have real-life experiences of what we talk about in class, dissect and challenge our world views, look at our own varying levels of privilege and status, and interact with the community of Petersfield, Jamaica, in a genuine and intriguing way. This was one of the best experiences I had in my undergraduate career, and it has shaped how I view myself, the world, my professional/academic pursuits, and my interpersonal skills."

"It was an honor to work in a classroom with students who genuinely love learning and with teachers who are so welcoming."