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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions


Cornell Changemakers: Summer programs help students enhance the lives of others

School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions, April 7, 2017

Cornell University is committed to improving the lives of people everywhere. As part of this mission, Cornell’s Summer Session faculty are helping students become agents for change in three summer courses that emphasize vision and engagement.

Video: Cornell Changemakers

Social Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Problem Solvers (AEM 3380), taught by Dr. Anke Wessels, introduces students to the social entrepreneurs, innovators, and visionaries who are creating new strategies for solving society's problems. The course highlights innovative case studies of success in restoring the environment, resolving conflicts, curing diseases, overcoming poverty, and addressing other problems of social injustice.

Green Cities: Creating the Living City (NTRES 2470), taught by Dr. Robert F. Young, examines the history and future of the ecological city and the technological and social forces that continue to shape it. Among the topics to be explored are alternative transportation, renewable energy, green infrastructure, recycling and resource management, and sustainable economics.

Conservation Medicine: A Veterinary Perspective (VETCS 1200), taught by Dr. Robin Radcliffe, explores how veterinarians are helping to combat the global biodiversity crisis. Lectures, labs, field trips, films, and guest speakers will delve into topics such as conservation medicine, biological principles, field study techniques, and wildlife management.

Information about these and other courses offered during the summer can be found at Cornell University Summer Session. Information about other Summer College programs for high school students can be found at Cornell University Summer College.